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If your company is suffering from any of the above symptoms then you may be interested in Es3.  Essentially Es3 is a logistics system with built-in best practices to enable an efficient logistics operation that will give you back your competitive edge while also supporting any business expansions.

In the increasingly competitive business environment, capable to manage logistics activities in an effective and flexible way is becoming more a key factor to ensure customer satisfaction and cost effectiveness. ‘eS3‘ series is a logistics suite developed by eLogistics Hong Kong Limited specifically designed for SME companies in Hong Kong or other Asia Pacific countries where a logistic company has to handle a wide range of goods for a wide range of customers.  Our solutions have many strengths such as large SKU, multi-warehouses, multi-pack key, multi-UOM (such as cables and flowers), multi-Storers, complex billing module, Work Orders, Kits, smart picking and put-away (FIFO, etc.), Wave Picking delivery scheduling, map integration and many more.

We have extensive experience in a wide range of projects from RFID store, smart cabinets, parcel tracking using iBeacons and traditional 3PL warehouses.

• Receiving
• Pick and Pack
• Virtual and Physical Kits
• Transportation Management
• Billing and Cost Calculations
• Key Performance Indicators
• Inventory Status
• Stock Check
• Vendor Portal
• Barcodes and RFID enabled
• Map integration
• Smart Cabinet

• Put-Away Strategies
• Work Order Processing
• Wave Planning and Delivery
• 3PL Order Management
• Flow-Through
• Replenishments
• Lot Control
• Customer Portal
• Replenishments
• Report Generation
• Integration with OTS
• Delivery tracking

Receiving and Put-Away

Receiving functionality allows efficient and accurate checking of supplier deliveries against Purchase Orders or Advance Shipment Notice.  Handles:

  • Partial receipts
  • Unknown receipts
  • Receiving requiring inspection
  • Print multiple barcode labels – pallet, carton, item
  • Smart put-away to reduce fragmentation and support FIFO methodology

Work Orders

Allows the creation of new SKU from one or more SKU with added costs, materials and other resources

  • Automatically Stock-Out existing SKU
  • Automatically Stock-In new SKU
  • Can be used for creating Kits
  • Data can be used to create reports for cost calculations etc.

Wave Picking

Multiple Delivery Orders can be consolidated for Wave picking into bin arrays:

  • Orders can be grouped by delivery areas
  • Avoid multiple picking of same item
  • Can integrate Automated Vehicle systems
  • Can be integrated to weighing machines and overhead cameras

RFID Integration

Designed for integration with RFID labels with multiple reader types from wall mounted, ceiling mounted or hand-held devices.  Can handle multiple label types and supports multiple printer models.

Smart Cabinets

The Smart Cabinet is used as part of the Warehouse operations where remote mobile storage is provided for ‘unmanned’ Stock Issue and Stock Return. The Smart Cabinet is built with a Central Control Unit (CCU) which is an Android device which will control the functions of the cabinet together with it’s own power source. The power source is based on an internal 50,000 mAh battery with UPS features to ensure that the cabinet is operational for up 3 days. An optional backup power can also be added to extend the operation time.