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Merchandising and Order Tracking System (OTS)



Problems Tracing Your Orders?

In-effective Monitoring of Order Status, High staff turnover, Demand for Data Transparency, Manual Handling of Orders, …


OTS is a web-based integrated merchandising system designed to support the operations of buying agencies or merchandising companies as they manage and track their sourcing request and orders to ensure quality production and timely deliveries.  OTS can handle garments, fashion accessories, hard-goods, shoes and electronic equipment and covers the general processes relating to sourcing through to shipping and billing:

OTS consists of a number of modules with functions for use by Merchandisers, QC Managers, Shipping, Accounts, Management, the vendors and the clients.


• Web-Based
• Customer & Vendor Orders
• Captures Notes and Tasks
• Request For Quotations
• FOB and CIF Calculations
• QC Schedule & Inspections
• Shipment & Packing List
• Extensive Vendor/Factory Database
• Interface to ERP/Accounting including SAP, Oracle Finance and ACCPAC

• Order Tracking & Alerts
• Electronic Product Catalogue
• Attachments, notes, tasks, emails
• Quotations and Comparisons
• Multi-Commission Scheme
• Inspection Results Upload
• Comprehensive Customer Profile
• Cost Sheet – Profitability
• Report Generation

Feature Highlights

Clients can check on the status of the sourcing request and order, and be alerted if there are delays in their production based on a preset set of events.  They can get a list of reports that will be automatically generated and sent to them through the internet by a preset times and frequency.  They can also access the product sheet to view available products including the latest additions.

OTS is designed for triangle relationship between the Client, the Agent and the Vendor.  The Client issues the Customer Order to the Agent who in turn issues the Order to the Vendor who is then responsible for the manufacture and the ultimate shipping to the Client.  OTS does not replace the ERP of the Client or the MRP of the Vendor, instead it works closely with these systems and can even integrate with them.  So for example, the ERP of the Client can generate the Purchase Orders and transfer them direct to OTS. With this multi-party relationship, the Client and the Vendor can also access OTS for inquiries and information updates including the submission of quotations to RFQ.


One of the key features of OTS is the ability to proactively tract each order based on a set of calendar milestones such as PP sample Check, In-line Inspection, Final Inspection, etc. and to alert the Merchandiser if there are any delays.  Furthermore, if the Merchandiser does not respond then the alert will be escalated to their Superiors.

A number of Tracking Templates can be created for each major category such as Garments, Hard Goods, Power Tools, etc.  These templates can then be applied to the order based on the order’s product category and the system will immediately start tracking.  This feature has proven to be a major benefit of using OTS especially in light of the large number of orders each Merchandiser is responsible for or the high turnover of staff.