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Logistics Smart Cabinet


The Smart Cabinet is used as part of the Warehouse operations where remote mobile storage is provided for ‘unmanned’ Stock Issue and Stock Return.  The Smart Cabinet is built with a Central Control Unit (CCU) which is an Android device which will control the functions of the cabinet together with it’s own power source.  The power source is based on an internal 50,000 mAh battery with UPS features to ensure that the cabinet is operational for up 3 days.  An optional backup power can also be added to extend the operation time.

The main features of the cabinet is to control the locking and unlocking based on the scanning of the QR Code on the associated Stock Issue or Stock Return forms.  It will also trigger a connection to the main Warehouse Management System to confirm and gain authorization to unlock the cabinet.  Furthermore, there are also features for tracking the location of the cabinet for security reasons. 

In summary the features are:

  • Integration using Web Services to WMS for Stock Issue/Return data
  • Scanning of QR Code using the built-in camera for unlocking
  • Scanning of staff card using NFC to record user ID
  • Parking sensor using Bluetooth UHF RFID reader and labels
  • Location sensor using Bluetooth iBeacons
  • Built-in power with UPS capability
  • Study steel cage with 6” swivel wheels
  • Cage available in different sizes and colours